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1995 Grand Cherokee Laredo Headlamp Assembly

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I am replacing the headlamp assemblies on my 95 Grand Cherokee Laredo. Getting the old ones out was not really an issue, but getting the new ones back in seems to be impossible! I have been through 2 sets already, and after this last set I suspect that the store is not going to swap them out again. My problem is that I seem to be breaking the mounting hardware on the lens assembly. It should just pop onto the 2 pivot points and the adjusting screw, but the plastic attach points keep shattering. Anyone have some ideas?

Thank you
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This has been covered a few times, by me aswell as others. The clips that come with aftermarket headlapms SUCK. Go to your local chrysler dealership and have them order new clips, they are super cheap. Or you could just get the old clips off of your old headlamps. I got new ones for my headlamps.
from the dealer

Hi there,

First, I apologize for the repost. I tried searching, but didn't have any luck. My bad.

I never thought about ordering just the clips. That is a good idea. Sure beats waiting for replacement assemblies.

Thank you for the advice.
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