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I will start out by saying that I have done a LOT of searching on jeep forums and google trying to crack this problem. I couldn't find many post's with the same 93-95 zj 5.2 46rh transmission so I have decided to give this a try. I am new to this whole forum thing so take it easy on me jeep experts.

Ever since I got this zj it has never had overdrive (or cruise control, but I don't use cruise anyway so that doesn't bother me) and I would very much appreciate as much help as I could get.
It's a 1993 ZJ 5.2 with the 46rh and 230k miles on it. It shifts kinda hard when shifting into D or R (well I guess everything except neutral) and at speeds above about 45mph (3rd gear) rpm's drop real low as if in running gear when I let off the gas. Once I go to step on it again it will shift hard into gear, but if I ease the rpm's back up it wont shift hard. Otherwise shifting is as smooth as can be. I feel like this problem probably has to do with either the bands or the t-case chain. I don't know if it would be linked to my non-existent overdrive or not.

Attempting to solve the overdrive problem I have changed the fluid and filter about 10,000 miles ago (and yes with ATF+4), and i have replaced the throttle position sensor and the brake light switch. With no results as you can see.

Also, the temp gauge doesn't work (hasn't since I got it) and I know the park/neutral switch needs to be replaced or cleaned. Probably once every 2 months it won't even try to turn over in park, but I throw it neutral and it starts just fine.
Next on my list for replacements were the OD solenoid, temp sensor, speed sensor/output sensor and the park/neutral switch.
10mpg just isnt cutting it, and I am desperate for some help. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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