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1/2 turkey sub *free shipping*

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Didnt eat the rest of it so if anyone wants it just PM me. Its on white bread, got lettuce, tomato, mustard, turkey, and bacon. Just looking for $2-$3 with free shipping via ForwardAir. thanks for looking!
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you must be soooooooooooooooooo bored... i really feel sorry for you :(
Whats is this... the 3rd or 4th trolling post in 2 days? Get kicked out of JU? :lol: :lol: :lol: :thumbsup:
I'll pass, I don't like mustard...
HAHA! This made my day.
jim98zj said:
I'll pass, I don't like mustard...
I can part it out if the price is right
i'll take the turkey and the tomato, accept trades? hows a ham sandwich and 30 cents? its got mayyyyooooo
Is the bacon a single strip or pairs?

I'd prefer a pair but I guess I'll make do with one strip.

Here is a pic of my turkey sub and as you can see it didn't come with bacon

Oh..btw...are they upper or lower strips?

Thanx :thumbsup:
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is the mustard stock? or is it that new pimp grey poupon stuff? that gives at least 5 more HP
hp on a sandwich? :?

i'm just trying to sell a perfectly good sub. it was $6 new, top notch stuff. Someone better jump on this soon before it goes bad.
hp man.... hunger power.... how many miles on the bread? is there any mold?
yo man if ya throw in some miracle whip on it and you got yourself a deal.

cause you know a sandwich just isnt a sandwich without the great taste of miracle whip. :trolls:
What size tomato?

Will it fit a BLT?

Will you consider a partial trade on a dill pickle? Didn't work with my sandwich, but still in great shape, lots of juice left.
dont BLT's take a different lug pattern?

But I have the tools to modify it if necessary.

I can cut it in half, diagonal, leave it whole, or just remove the crust.

I will also modify others sandwiches for the right price, build to suit.
Which green is the lettuce? If it's the lighter green I can't use it. If it's the darker green I'll take it.
Also, the lower package holder(some people call it a 'bun'), if it's still available, I'll take it. Shipping is to 0u812. Let me know!
i like ham sammiches
if you are still willing to part, ill take the crust.
is the pickle included? what gears does it have?
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