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So, let me first say that I love my WJ. She has 250,000 miles and the only reason I parked her was that I was reassigned by my job to another state and had to leave her. She drove great and has never given me any real trouble other than the usual replacement of some worn components. My problem is that I went to restart her to get her running again after I returned and she just won't start. She turns over all day until the battery drains, but no turning on.

I fully charged the battery, put in around 10 gal worth of fuel, and sprayed starting fluid in the throttle body. I cranked her and she made like she was starting but immediately died on me. I did notice that the fuel gauge doesn't show anything when the key is in the accessory but I don't remember if it ever did or only when she is running. Other than that... nothing was done to her since I parked her (about a year, give or take a couple months). I may take her to my mechanic since I'm wanting to give her a refresh but I really hate to let a problem whip me since I'm thinking (hoping) that it's something simple.

I know people will say she's high mileage, but She's worth it to me as far as keeping and driving. I love the ol' girl and before parking her, she never let me down so I owe it to her to get her back going. The engine always ran strong both in desert and highway... no leaks, no overheating, no issues. Plus she's paid for!

About the ol' girl:

2003 Grand Cherokee WJ Overland
4.7 HO stock engine
258,000 miles
Power stick installed, cat still in place
4" lift
changed miscellaneous components as time has gone (thermostat, idler pulley, belts, etc.)

Any help would be appreciated.
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