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  1. Drivetrain Tech Center
    Hey Folks, I'm usually pretty darn good at all the basic and even 2nd level shadetree mechanic, General Jeep Stuff as I have been working on my own Mopars and Jeeps for over 25 years now. 2000 WJ, 4.0 242 TC, very well optioned but Larado model, but not quite an LTD. ME ONE owner, always...
  2. Drivetrain Tech Center
    i have a 97 gc 4.0 with around 250k on the clock i've checked oil levels and they're where they should be the ticking noise is only noticeable before the car has a chance to warm up and when under hard acceleration I'd like to figure out if one of these three things is possible.1. Is it an...
1-2 of 2 Results