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  1. '95 ZJ Vacuum Dilemma

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    Hi All: I’m a bit confused between these 2 representations of the vacuum lines on my 95 ZJ (5.2 V8). The main vacuum diagram from the Chrysler service manual shows lines running from the Evap Purge Solenoid to the EGR Valve and to the Evap Canister in two separate directions via separate...
  2. vacuum check valve flow direction

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    For the ventilation system fix. Does the air flow towards the cabin or towards the front? (99 Laredo 4.7). Seems like an easy fix - any suggestions? I have the TSB and the factory part. Thanks, I'm a bit confused from the other posts on the subject.
  3. Weird HVAC fan control issue

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    Hey guys, I have search all over the web all week before posting, so no breakin' my stones... 02 WJ 4.7, 143K. Manual Temperature Control Fan location selector (off, face, face and legs, defrost, etc.) is reversed for off and defrost. Meaning, when in the off position, it blows on defrost...