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    Hi, since I'm going to install a truetrac in the rear (and also in the front) of my 1997 ZG 4.0L with stock tires, I was also thinking about upgrading the rear axle shafts. I found these ones:
  2. Drivetrain Tech Center
    This is generic question about torsen diffs, I posted it here to see if someone can help me with a doubt that I have: the exact role of the TBR (Torque Bias Ratio). I beg your pardon if this post is so long, but it is a tather complicated problem (at least for me). I've read some papers that I...
  3. Drivetrain Tech Center
    Hi, greetings from Italy. I own a 1997 ZG 4.0 Limited with the NV249 TCase; ZG is the european version of the ZJ. It is currently stock and it is my daily drive (mostly road, some light off-road, some snow). I would like to add some modifications. I'd start by adding two Truetrac differential...
1-3 of 3 Results