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track bar
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  1. Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    still new in opened box JKS adjustable track bar for WJ Grand Cherokee purchased from OffRoad General Store (OGS) and never installed $100 + shipping :D local pickup available (Orange County, CA) CALL Don (seven one four) nine hundred - twenty nine fifty
  2. Lifts, Suspension, Axles, and Steering
    Hey I've got a 98 ZJ with a 4 inch lift. The front track bar is stock. The problem that I am having is if i hit the wrong bump at speeds less than 40 mph or get a little bit of snow in the rims I get a massive front end shake like a death wobble. i have tightened the track bar as much as i can...
  3. Lifts, Suspension, Axles, and Steering
    Issue: Recently While going highway speed 60-75 mph in my 96 ZJ with RE 3.5 lift, when I switch lanes I feel the vehicle sway to the point I have to slow down. It happens when I switch lanes and start to straighten the steering wheel out it feels as if I over corrected and I get a swaying...
1-3 of 4 Results