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  1. 95 ZJ Rear Defrost Issue

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    Hey guys, searched the forum and couldn't find the answer. 95 ZJ 4.0 Limited. Rear defrost switch does not illuminate with headlights on, and the orange indicator light does not come on when I push the switch. When I push the switch I can hear the relay click. The other lights on that switch...
  2. ZJ: Power window switches not working on all 3 passenger doors.

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    I have a 94 ZJ. The power window switches at all 3 passenger doors are not working, although I can control all 4 windows from the driver's side door master conroller. I removed and inspected the pwr window lock/unlock button on the master conroller and could not detect any issues. I checked...