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  1. recommended shocks with budget boost?

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    My stock shocks are shot, i already own the leveling kit for my ZJ but i think i am going to sell that and buy the full 2 inch budget boost, with cooper STT's 31/10.5 on my stock wheels painted black, im going for a white and black theme
  2. 05 grand, park assist and check engine reset.

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge--WK
    First off the service park assist prompt comes on after starting, any solutions other than cleaning the sensors. Second, and this unrelated. How do I reset the odb 11. Also the shocks need to b replaced, any suggestions brand wise.
  3. 98 5.9r Parts: suspension, ignition, exhaust

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    Cleaned out the garage and have a few parts to move. Prices are suggestions, OBO considered, you pay shipping. I'm in Tacoma, WA 98467. Coil springs - $50 Track bar and Mount - $100 Ignition Coil and Distributor w wires - $10 Rear Tow Hook and Mount - $25 Rear Ranch5000 shocks - $10 new 3"...
  4. Zj front end parts wanted

    Grand Cherokee - Wanted
    Couple of things I'm looking for, 1996 ZJ: -Passenger side headlight housing. -Passenger side (under headlight) turn signal lens. -Front tow hooks. -Trailer Hitch. -Black or Grey interior door panels. -Soft shocks for a 2" BB lift. I've got skyjackers on there right now, hydros and I...
  5. WJ Driveshaft / Shocks / Steering Stabilizer

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    i have the following items for sale as I am now selling my WJ vehicle information 2000 WJ 4.7 with 247 t/c (so you know what they'll fit). 1) full set of 4 Pro Comp MX6 adjustable shocks "Procomp MX6 shocks have 6 adjustable settings which allow you to finetune your ride. MX6's have a...
  6. Lift on stock tires

    Lifts, Suspension, Axles, and Steering
    Hi, I'm planning a small lift for my car. Since the car is 12 years old I'd like to replace both springs and shocks. I'm am looking for a 2" lift, but I'm only able to find BBs; any sugestion for a kit which includes both springs and shocks ? I've seen various 3"/3,5" kits with include both...