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  1. Lock-rite d35 27spline part# 2311; $150 obo

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    SOLD - Lock-rite d35 locker 27spline part# 2311; $150 obo - SOLD Cleaning out the garage in prep for moving and found a lockrite I can no longer use. I sold my ZJ a few years ago and the LJ has a d44. Lock-rite d35 27spline part# 2311 This fits the d35 c-clip with or w/o abs. Little to no...
  2. How hard is to do a Dana 44 swap in the rear of my XJ

    New Member Introductions
    so i have a DANA 44 out of a wagoneer and want to put it underneath the rear end of my 87 XJ how hard is it to do and what do i need to change around to make it bolt up?
  3. Lower Rear End want to be level

    Lifts, Suspension, Axles, and Steering
    1996 ZJ 4.0 with RE 3.5 with 32's The rear end sits a bit lower than the front and I may be adding a new rear bumper/tire carrier, which will more then likely cause the rear to sag a bit more. The option i am considering is just throwing in some 1 or 1.75 spacers in the rear. I am sure I am...