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  1. Tired of the wait, need more performance

    Write Ups/How-To
    :confused: hello everyone. Im thinking about doing something a little unorthodox. i have a 01 WJ 4.0l and im looking to supercharge it to get me that extra oomph! when traveling up and down the mountain when I come. what are some of the ways i could go about boosting my performance w/o breaking...
  2. 95 42re into 96 grand cherokee

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    hey guys Im having trouble with my 42re in my 96 zj and was hunting around and found a good deal on a 42re out of a 95 zj. What i was wondering was is there a huge difference between the two because the years? The engine is still on the trans and I have read you just need to pull the trans, tq...
  3. obd2 and a stroker motor?

    Performance Garage and Street Tech
    My ZJ is a 96 with the trusty old 4.0. Of course mine is first year with odb2. How can I swap in a 4.5/4.6/4.7 stroker and have no problems and all my electrical stuff still work? I like my jeep and the reliable and bulletproof 4.0 but I want more power.
  4. Hemi MPG Improvments?!

    New Member Introductions
    So, I recently got a 2006 Hemi 4x4. The gas mileage SUCKS! I average 12 city and 16 highway. I know I can probably get some improvment by running Nitrogen in the tires, being easy with the gas pedal, setting cruise at 60mph on the highway, running high octain gas, injector cleaner, keeping up...
  5. 4.7L HIGH OUTPUT Air Intake Assembly WJ $50

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    I have a High Output Air Intake assembly off my 2004 WJ Grand Cherokee Overland 4.7L HO. All parts included and in perfect condition also will throw in my used air filter. OEM part will bolt on directly in 15 min. This was an optional addition for the GC V8 increasing airflow and horsepower...
  6. best performance upgrades for 2005 WK

    Performance Garage and Street Tech
    i all ready have K&N in take and thinking about a chip heard good and bad about them i would get a super chip please give your input thank you