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oil issue problem

  1. Is an oil leak effecting sensors?

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge--WK
    I recently purchased 04 grd Cherokee. On the hour drive home it starts to shake and drive very poorly. I pulled over and have to baby it home ...not being too aggressive on the throttle. ..Initial thoughts were fuel delivery. So I Change fuel filter ,clean lines. Also at that time I put new...
  2. 5.2 puffin smoke

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    i got a 95 zj with the 5.2 v8. recently started to puff a lot of smoke out the exhaust. wondering if any one has had these problems, and if you have, what was the remedy, besides tearing the motor apart. help would be appreciated.
  3. Oil issues

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    Hey guys, First off I'd like to say - this forum is awesome. Searched hard and long for a good Jeep forum and look what i find, A GC forum! YAY:D Anywho, I have a 94 ZJ with roughly 175k miles. It seams that I am burning threw a quart of oil a month. WTH is going on here? It's a little...