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  1. Need advice on a 2004 WJ, lift, AC, Radiator

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    Dear Forum Gurus: I need some help on due diligence on a 2004 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, V8, 90,000 miles, 1 owner unit, paid for no liens. The wife thinks we should sell it for a different vehicle to run back trails in the mountains of CA, It may bring about 2500 bucks of the 4,000 dollar value. It...
  2. Stock slip yoke length

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    Hey all, I was looking to maybe get the stock rear slip yoke length on the tc output shaft. I put a 3.5'" lift with tc drop spacers (1 1/2") and the slip yoke seems to be out of the output shaft about an inch and a half. Definitely more shiny surface showing on the slip after the lift. I just...
  3. Rustys ZJ fixed upper and lower control arms

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    Just removed these off my ZJ with 5.5" lift to upgrade to long arms. They need new bushings they sell them on Rusty's site for $12. Located outside of Philadelphia pm zip for shipping quote asking $150.00
  4. WJ on 37's, JK Rubicon Axles, and Custom Bumpers

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    One of a kind MONSTER Grand Cherokee!! V8, Lift, and 37" tires wrapped up heated leather seats and ice cold A/C. Over $16K in parts alone, plus countless hours of blood sweat and tears. I feel like I am selling my own child, but my new startup needs the money. (unless you want to invest and...
  5. WJ 2" BDS Rear Springs (Part #BDS034207) BRAND NEW

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    Selling a brand new in the box pair of BDS 2" Rear Coils ( Part #BDS034207) for a 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee. I bought these to replace my OEM sagging springs and ended up selling my WJ. Retail is $125 + shipping, asking $100 obo + shipping or local pickup in PA 18071!
  6. WJ: Would this wheel/ tire setup work?

    Wheel And Tire Forum
    Hello, First post. :cool: I've been trying to gather up the info needed in upgrading my WJ 2004 Limited wheels/ Tires/ lift and get stuck on the backspacing/ rubbing issues. I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction. I like the 15x8 wheel but have read that it doesn't...
  7. questions about lifting and other common things

    New Member Introductions
    Hey y'all. I've only had my 97 zj for about 4 to 5 months and ive been blindly acquiring jeep parts piecing things together such as transfer case swap, otk iro steering setup, rims, and other miscellaneous things like a 9er grill and hood vents... here are my questions: I would like to lift my...
  8. wj adjustable iro lower control arms straight and front 4 in coils

    Yard Sale
    I got wj adjustable iro lower control arms Fits All of the Applications Below: WJ Front 0-4.5" lift (we recommend long arms for 4.5" and taller in the front of a WJ) WJ Rear 0-6.5" lift Universal fit Length range 15 3/4" to 19 3/8" And also got 4 in coils Text me at 6025528212 In az
  9. Lifted, locked, & long armed WJ FOR SALE (Tons of pictures)

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    Pictures, since thats what everyone looks at first right :highfive: As much as I love my Jeep, I just cant stay away from fast cars.. So, sadly I am putting my WJ up for sale. Its a 2002 Limited V8/242hd case, 166,xxx miles. Heater core needs replaced, its summer :rofl:. Less than...
  10. WJ 99-04 Grand Cherokee Upcountry Springs - Complete Set

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    I have a set of WJ Grand Cherokee Upcountry Springs that I removed from my 02 Limited 4X4 V8 when I lifted it. My Jeep has 99k miles on it and the springs are in excellent condition. California car so no rust. These springs from what I read should give you about 3/4"-1" of lift to squeeze in...
  11. Whats the smallest wheel size for my WJ

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    Hello, I'm installing a 6 inch Clayton lift on my WJ this weekend and was wondering if anyone Knows what the smallest size wheels I can run are. I want to run a 33" by 12.50 tire and would like to run a 15" rim but I'm not sure if they will fit and have enough offset and backspace. I have a...
  12. Lifting Heavy Wheels Idea/Quick Survey

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    Hey everyone, I am currently taking an engineering design and development class and am working on an idea for a product that could be used in off road situations or specifically for vehicles with heavy wheels. If you could please take a few moments of your time to answer a few multiple choice...
  13. IRO 4.5" Short Arm Kit

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    Hey guys, I currently have a 97 zj limited with a 4.5" IRO short arm kit, that I am looking to sell so I can upgrade to long arms with more lift (6.5" or 7"). I am more or less looking for a buyer who is interested in buying a lightly used IRO lift kit for slightly less than new so that I know I...
  14. V8 ZJ Front Coils, for F-R Swap

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    I have a pair of used front coil springs from my 94 V8 ZJ for sale. They are used, but useable with no damage. Vehicle had no noticeable sag, which I know because I measured everything before & after I installed my lift. These can be used for a "front-rear" swap. Item located in CT, I will...
  15. FS: OME Old Man Emu HD Coils ZJ F+R

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    I have front and rear OME HD coils for sale. These are in excellent condition. They gave my 5.9 a little over 2" of lift. The ride on these things is amazing, the only reason I am selling is because I went to IRO 5" springs for bigger tires. Ran these for about a year. If you pair them with...
  16. Massive Front End Shimmy

    Lifts, Suspension, Axles, and Steering
    Hey I've got a 98 ZJ with a 4 inch lift. The front track bar is stock. The problem that I am having is if i hit the wrong bump at speeds less than 40 mph or get a little bit of snow in the rims I get a massive front end shake like a death wobble. i have tightened the track bar as much as i can...
  17. Anyone else unhappy with Rusty's?

    Lifts, Suspension, Axles, and Steering
    I do a lot of off roading in the California desert. (Ocotillo specifically). I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited w/ 4.0 I6. Anyway, I have been wanting to do a lift for a while and did a lot of research. I wanted to add as much travel as possible without having to do driveline work...
  18. ZJ Lift parts, Dana 44a, NP242

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    I have the following that I'd like to get rid of. I'd be willing to ship everything but the axle. I'm flexible on these prices, so PM me an offer. 1. 1996 D44a. Open carrier, 3.73 gears, 106k miles on it, bearings look to be in good shape. $175. Axle is located in Sudbury, MA. I am...
  19. Lifting my 2006?

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge--WK
    Was thinking about getting a slight lift on my Jeep and some bigger tires... where would you guys suggest looking for a lift kit or something of that nature? And how much lift, because I don't want to be like a monster truck, just a little bit higher... 2006 Gold Grand Cherokee, 5.7L if that...
  20. Which Lift?

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    I've been researching lift kits for some time now and I'm about to freak! There are so many available all claiming to be perfect for my 03' WJ 4.0 but I don't want to buy something that wont impress me off road or just be a head ache further down the road. So... any suggestions? I'm leaning...