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  2. 2000 Jeep WJ Limited V8 - Central PA - $5000

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7L V8 with QuadraDrive All-Wheel-Drive system Inspected till 6/2020 Fresh Oil Change (Mobil 1 Synthetic and Mobil 1 oil filter) Differentials and Transfer case oil changed Transmission serviced at 224k miles New Front driveshaft New Front axle shafts New front...
  3. New 2016 JC Overland vs CPO from "Other Luxury Brand"

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Jeep Gurus, I am new to the states as well as this forum and i need to get myself a new ride and i think i am at the right forum. I have always liked the Jeeps ( only the Wranglers and JCs) . Though i just love the Wranglers for their customizations and offroading and looks alone, i dont...
  4. How 2 Fix 2000 JGC Driver Seat that rocks.

    Your Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Hello Everyone. My 2000 JGC drivers seat is unstable; it rocks from front left to rear right. Jeep wants $600 to replace the whole electric assembly. The electronics work fine. Any ideas on what might be broke & how to fix it? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  5. Diagnostic Codes P054A and P054C

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    My check engine light came on yesterday so I hooked an OBD II up to my 2011 Grand Cherokee and the codes P054A and P054C came up. The explanation of the codes was; Cold Start "B" Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced Bank 1 and Cold Start "B" Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced Bank 2. Could...
  6. 99 WJ infinity bad speaker test

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    Is there a quick way of testing the rear speakers, maybe with a digital volt-ohm meter...??? One of the rear speakers doesn't work, so I thought the first place to test was the INPUTS to the Infinity amp, and then the amp outputs, and onward to the speaker itself if need be...
  7. Triggering backup & fog lights via stock relays

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    Here's what I want to do: turn on the backup lights & fog lights manually, at any time, using the built in vehicle relays... I's rather send a 12vdc + voltage to a relay to trigger these functions, and not have to add more relays & wires when the normal built in (stock) relays & wires already...
  8. Grand Cherokee Orvis Interior Parts

    Grand Cherokee - Interior Mods & Upgrades
    I'm looking for some Orvis parts im in need of some stock orvis floormats and a orvis spare tire cover and any other parts anyone might have. please post if you have any parts and how much you want for them. thanks, Garrett
  9. ohio meet and greet sat the 17th

    Great Lakes Region - WI, MI, OH, IN, IL
    Hey ohioans, im on another forum and were getting a meet and greet together to show off our rigs and grab a bit to eat at the quaker steak and lube in columbus. As of now I think we have about 20 jeeps who for sure are coming, most are XJs I think I may be the only WJ. Anyways all jeeps are...
  10. 2014 Grand Cherokee vs.. something "smaller" from other brand - questions

    New Member Introductions
    2014 Grand Cherokee vs.. something "smaller" from other brand Hi Guys, I'm totally new to this forum and the Jeep community and.. I need your professional help (of course ;) ). I have to buy a new car which must be strong (can tow around 2500 - 3000 lbs few times a month but seasonally), be...
  11. Lifted, locked, & long armed WJ FOR SALE (Tons of pictures)

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    Pictures, since thats what everyone looks at first right :highfive: As much as I love my Jeep, I just cant stay away from fast cars.. So, sadly I am putting my WJ up for sale. Its a 2002 Limited V8/242hd case, 166,xxx miles. Heater core needs replaced, its summer :rofl:. Less than...
  12. 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 Hemi

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge--WK
    Hi, i am looking for a clockspring and or a steering wheel control module for my 2005 Grand Cherokee. The only place that i can find that carries the clockspring, is the dealer, in which requires me to buy the entire steering wheel control module. Which comes with the clock spring. If anyone has...
  13. Sleeping Bag Product Testers Needed!

    Chit Chat Lounge
    Wanna become a sleeping bag tester for JPFreek & NEMO Equipment? Check out the details by clicking below!
  14. 2011 Grand Cherokee Chief Engineer Interview

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge--WK
    Check out Jeep's executive interview with the 2011 Grand Cherokee Chief Engineer, Phil Jansen. It's a great interview with some interesting facts about the all-new Grand Cherokee as well as the Pentastar V6 engine...
  15. Past Issues of JPFreek Adventure Magazine for FREE!

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    We've currently got ALL our past issues available for free viewing and download on the JPFreek website. Just click the link below and it'll take you to our Gear & Past Issues page where you can view/download each issue (since issue #1) as well as pick-up a JPFreek logo t-shirt, decal, or tire...
  16. New Issue of JPFreek Now Published!

    Chit Chat Lounge
    The new issue of JPFreek has arrived!! Check out the main page of the JPFreek website and click the the new issue (which the image is now in Flash on on the top-right part of the website) to view and download it. Feel free to share the link with friends and anyone who loves Jeeps, and let us...
  17. Engel Elemax Generator for Basecamp

    Chit Chat Lounge
    Thought y'all might find this product review interesting. The generator is made by Engel (known for their fridge/freezers for Jeep and off-highway vehicles). It's a very nice product and one many of us can definitely use to power our stuff up after a day of wheeling...
  18. (4) Black Moab JK Rubicon Wheels Excellent Condition

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    Up for sale are 4 Painted Black JK Moab Rims. Excellent condition, no curb rash, minimal scratches from service. Rims have been properly prepped, primed and painted Satin Black. Rims are dusty in pictures. 5x5 Bolt Pattern 17x7.5 Willing to ship. $400 Might consider trades for aftermarket...
  19. 2012 Grand Cherokee SRT-8...It's Awesome!

    Chit Chat Lounge
    The 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 made its debut earlier today and below is a link with engine specs, etc of this pretty bad @$$ vehicle...check it out!
  20. JPFreek Adventure Magazine iPad app is launched!

    Chit Chat Lounge
    Our much-anticipated iPad app has finally launched and can be downloaded by visiting the main page of the JPFreek website at Download the app today and let us know what you think by posting comments here and on our Facebook page at...