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  1. Grand Cherokee - Interior Mods & Upgrades
    Hi all, I just took my hvac control box out to install my CB in its place (I have a cobra 29 nw ltd classic, so it fits like a glove) and was going to put the control box in the glove box, but the glove box is like 2" deep, so it wouldn't work. So I plan to put it where the Vic is, take the...
  2. Write Ups/How-To
    So I bought my first Jeep in August 2009; a 2000 Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7L V8 and realized it had a coolant leak coming from the heater core. My Jeep-head friend and I took the dash apart and got to the HVAC unit located behind the glove box area, and could get no further because of lack of...
1-2 of 4 Results