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  1. Just Bought 2019 WK2 - Suspension question

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, Just bought a 2019 WK2 Limited in Red Velvet. It is going to be a daily driver for work (as a REALTOR.) Looking to do some minor customization; de-badge it for a cleaner look, tint front windows to match the rear, get a set of winter wheels/tires, under chassis lighting and...
  2. Zj front end parts wanted

    Grand Cherokee - Wanted
    Couple of things I'm looking for, 1996 ZJ: -Passenger side headlight housing. -Passenger side (under headlight) turn signal lens. -Front tow hooks. -Trailer Hitch. -Black or Grey interior door panels. -Soft shocks for a 2" BB lift. I've got skyjackers on there right now, hydros and I...