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  1. 2000 Jeep WJ Limited V8 - Central PA - $5000

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7L V8 with QuadraDrive All-Wheel-Drive system Inspected till 6/2020 Fresh Oil Change (Mobil 1 Synthetic and Mobil 1 oil filter) Differentials and Transfer case oil changed Transmission serviced at 224k miles New Front driveshaft New Front axle shafts New front...
  2. New 2016 Stock Grand Cherokee "clunking" with mild 4 wheeling

    New Member Introductions
    Completely stock. While in Titus Canyon (Death Valley) I experienced a lot of clunking, I *think* mostly from the front. This wasn't the Rubicon Trail, just rough washboard, switchbacks on a rocky road, but nothing serious. Is this normal? It felt like something in the suspension was at it's...
  3. Will it fit: 2011 OEM 17x8" Wheels on 2006?

    Wheel And Tire Forum
    Will 17x8" stock wheels from a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee fit on a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee? Some wheel specs: Number of Bolts: 5 Rim Material: Alloy Rim Diameter: 17" Bolt Pattern Metric: 5x127 Bolt Patter inches: 5x5 Rim Width: 8" Hub Bore: 71.5 Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. 02 Grand Cherokee Limited Engine Problem

    Hardcore Tech and Advanced Fabrication
    Hello all, I am new here, first time Jeep owner. Fairly mechanically inclined, but still lost. I got an 02 Grand Cherokee that originally came with the HO v8, for reasons I do not know it was replaced with the non-HO v8. Now it starts but acts like it's not getting any fuel. This is the...
  5. Possible fix to Zumba hatch not opening

    South Atlantic - WV, NC, SC, GA, FL
    I had the hatch won't open problem because the guy I bought it from tore everything That had to do with opening it out. I didn't bother tho, because the window would open and that was good enough for me, however, the window stopped opening, so I put the latch back in and attached the lever Tha...
  6. Diagnostic Codes P054A and P054C

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    My check engine light came on yesterday so I hooked an OBD II up to my 2011 Grand Cherokee and the codes P054A and P054C came up. The explanation of the codes was; Cold Start "B" Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced Bank 1 and Cold Start "B" Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced Bank 2. Could...
  7. WJ rims on a WK?

    Wheel And Tire Forum
    Hi everyone, I have a 2006 GC limited Hemi, currently with 17" Moduflex chrome rims. The tires on these are nearing the end of their life.... I have a set of 16" snowflake rims off of my old 2000 GC Laredo.... the tire size is 255/70 R16. Question: Will these rims and tires fit on my '06? They...
  8. 95 42re into 96 grand cherokee

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    hey guys Im having trouble with my 42re in my 96 zj and was hunting around and found a good deal on a 42re out of a 95 zj. What i was wondering was is there a huge difference between the two because the years? The engine is still on the trans and I have read you just need to pull the trans, tq...
  9. 1996 42RE transmission into a 1998 4.0 GC

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    Hi Guys, I'm posting this all the way from Australia Hopefully some American Jeep knowledge will get me back into mine again. I basically need to know if a 96/97 42re transmission will fit into my 98 4.0L Grand Cherokee. I've heard that different models ran different computers and TCMs so I'm...
  10. Grand Cherokee Orvis Interior Parts

    Grand Cherokee - Interior Mods & Upgrades
    I'm looking for some Orvis parts im in need of some stock orvis floormats and a orvis spare tire cover and any other parts anyone might have. please post if you have any parts and how much you want for them. thanks, Garrett
  11. WJ Tow Hooks - All brackets bolts etc. $90 shipped

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    Just took off my front tow hooks off my 04 Overland Grand Cherokee. They are chrome but one hook has pealing chrome. Easy paint or rechrome. Includes ALL bolts, brackets, tapping plate, even the J-nuts you need for the third innermost bolt. Complete set! $90 shipped to you. A little surface...
  12. 99 White Grand Cherokee Limited - Wont Start

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    Picked up this white 99 WJ Limited V8 4.7 the other day. When I got it, it was totally dead, changed the battery connectors and now full power. When it goes to start, one "click" and nothing so my guess would be starter or a relay. 145K on the odometer. Good truck for someone looking for a...
  13. rear pinion nut torque

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    I've been trying to search the forum and google for an answer for a while now but I can't find anything. I have a 2000 JGC aluminum dana 44 and I broke the Pinion Yoke. I'm a newby and thought all I would have to do is pull the pinion nut off, replace the Yoke, and put the nut back on. Now...
  14. Lifted, locked, & long armed WJ FOR SALE (Tons of pictures)

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    Pictures, since thats what everyone looks at first right :highfive: As much as I love my Jeep, I just cant stay away from fast cars.. So, sadly I am putting my WJ up for sale. Its a 2002 Limited V8/242hd case, 166,xxx miles. Heater core needs replaced, its summer :rofl:. Less than...
  15. 231 swap clatrification

    New Member Introductions
    OK, I am sure this has been clarified somewhere but for what I have found a strait answer. So I have a 231 at our junk yard on a 93 Jeep Grand cherokee 4.0. I want to put it in my 98 GC 5.9 v8. From what I have looked at online it should be the right spline and length. Is this correct will it...
  16. WJ 99-04 Grand Cherokee Upcountry Springs - Complete Set

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    I have a set of WJ Grand Cherokee Upcountry Springs that I removed from my 02 Limited 4X4 V8 when I lifted it. My Jeep has 99k miles on it and the springs are in excellent condition. California car so no rust. These springs from what I read should give you about 3/4"-1" of lift to squeeze in...
  17. Replacing Coolant By-pass Hose on 5.2L/5.9L

    Write Ups/How-To
    Driving into work late this morning I heard a weird pop. Looked in my rear view mirror to see lots of smoke. Fun. Got off at my exit and found a side road: Had to get it towed to work so I could work on it: Then the fun began. I had to unbolt the AC which has 4 bolts, and 1...
  18. FS: ZJ Bi-xenon Projector HID Conversion Kit!

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    I'm selling my v2.0 projectors (2nd set I've made). I built these a couple years ago and they work great. SO MUCH brighter than the stock lighting. Obviously there is no warranty. The driver side cutoff shield sticks and causes a bit of a hazy cutoff. It doesn't bother me so I have not...
  19. WTT: '98 Honda VFR800 RC45 for 5.9L ZJ

    Grand Cherokee - Wanted
    Looking to trade my '98 Honda VFR800 Interceptor (RC45) for a 5.9L ZJ. This bike has a gear driven cam. It whines like a supercharger and makes a very unique noise. I absolutely love it. The bike has 32,XXX miles on it. Oil changes with Mobile 1 fully synthetic for motorcycles. It also...
  20. 4xGuard Belly Skid Plate for WK (05-10) - Brand new!!

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    I have a brand-new, never mounted 4xGuard belly skid plate for WK Grand Cherokees (05-10). You can view all the details of the skid plate here: Willing to sell for $125 shipped (paid $200 plus shipping)...