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  1. Someone get the match!! ASD trouble..

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    Grand Cherokee / 4.0 / IL-6 / 149k mi. / no mods Have been experiencing stalling and long starts after running it for about 30mins. plus.. All signs pointed to fuel pump overheating and shutting down. Replaced fuel pump and now it kicks on no problems but shuts off after about ten minutes, the...
  2. Stalling OUT!!

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    This maybe long but stay with me because I'm at wits end! 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo, 4.0 IL-6, no mods.. Four days ago, I filled the tank up and the very next day started all my headaches. My wife was driving my Jeep, (I know bad call), and it stalled on her twice, she was able to restart...
  3. 1996 4.0 Grand Fuel Pump

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    Is it possible to put a remote fuel pump on my grand so I do not have to drop the tank? I think the pressure reg. is going out. key on it is at 34 psi jeep running on idle it is around 52 PSI. Any ideas would be good. My service manual says the reg. is built into the fuel pump.