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  1. Transmission/Transfer Case Lock Up? The engine is snubbed when put into a gear.

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    Just recently picked up a 1997 Grand Cherokee Limited for a great price. The sale was disclosed as having a bad transmission. The previous owner states that it went out all of a sudden. I thought that was strange. It runs great with the 4.0 I6. Idles, revs, fine. The minute you put it into...
  2. Lock-rite d35 27spline part# 2311; $150 obo

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    SOLD - Lock-rite d35 locker 27spline part# 2311; $150 obo - SOLD Cleaning out the garage in prep for moving and found a lockrite I can no longer use. I sold my ZJ a few years ago and the LJ has a d44. Lock-rite d35 27spline part# 2311 This fits the d35 c-clip with or w/o abs. Little to no...