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  1. Jeep Grand Cherokee Classifieds
    Jeep is from St. Louis Mo. but located in Whitefish MT. Family was visiting Glacier when coolant leak started (head gasket?). I got a rental vehicle to get home to avoid overheating it. After getting home I’ve decided to work on my Disco and sell the GC. Pictures are as Jeep sits in Whitefish...
  2. Grand Cherokee - Vendor Group Buys & Specials
    JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE PACKAGE DEALS FEATURING NITRO GEARS! 2 YEAR WARRANTY, BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE. Inlcludes Front & Rear Ring & Pinions and Master install kits w/ bearings, shims, seals, etc D44A & D30 $549 3.73 4.10 4.56 (add $50 for 4.88) D35 & D30 $499 3.73 4.10 4.56 4.88 We Stock...
  3. Drivetrain Tech Center
    I need to replace the clutches in my 44a. Can I pull the carrier out of the housing and put it back in without special tools? Same question for the clutches? Thanx for any info!
1-3 of 4 Results