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  1. ZJ Front control arm DAMAGE HELP

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    so i had posted the other day and got some of the info i needed but now i have a few more questions... to fill you in... 1997 GC Limited. hit curb and crushed the Trailing arm(control arm) mount that attaches to the axel tube. i have a used axel from a 86 cherokee( i was told that cherokee...
  2. WTB: Front and Rear ADJ Track ars & Rear Upper ADJ CA

    Grand Cherokee - Wanted
    Trying to complete my 4'' lift kit for the ZJ... I still need rear upper adjustable control arms as the rear adj track bar... New or used, just looking for a good price! -Thanks for the help! * I do not need the front ADJ TB anymore thanks to Cavalier...