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  1. Wanted: Factory ZJ 93-95 Bumper Cover

    Grand Cherokee - Wanted
    Hey all, Was wondering if anyone had a factory bumper cover for a 93-95 ZJ with out fog lights. Grey preferably since the rest of the plastics are grey. Got the rough country zj winch plate mount and tried trimming the bumper cover. I was a dope and didn't see that they had separate...
  2. Front Bumper - Rear Bumper - Big Mess??

    Grand Cherokee - Exterior Body & Lighting
    I just purchased front and rear custom prerunner bumpers, that are coming off from a jeep cherokee. It says they will fit any year cherokee, and PROBABLY grand cherokee. I paid $400.00 for front and back and they are going to be delivered to my home, through private sale. I have a 1996 Jeep...