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brake lights

  1. Wiring problem

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    My left tail light is malfunctioning- the running lights operate but when i hit the brake my brake light, in that same tail light, does not come on. A friend of mine suggested a bad ground... i'm in need of a fix and have a ticket and inspection riding on repair of this problem so i'm rather...
  2. I need some info on how to fix taillights that are all out but bulbs are fine

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    My brake lights dont work but they are all fine Ok, here is my problem. Ive got a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with the 5.2L 318 Magnum. I occasionally get the rear lamp failure message but rarely, about a month ago all the taillights and 3rd lamp were all working fine. Then i checked them...
  3. Ebay jdm black tailights?

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    Has anyone purchased these taillights before? If you have had you had any problems with them? what do you think of the style rice or nice? I ordered some other better looking ones that costed 3 times as much but had to cancel since there was a 3 month wait because of some manufacturing...