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  1. RockRoad Trailblazer Lift Review - 1998 5.9L ZJ

    Lifts, Suspension, Axles, and Steering
    I installed a RockyRoad 4.5" Trailblazer lift in my 1998 ZJ. I though a review of the overall experience would be helpful to some. Let me start by saying that I have never had the opportunity to install my own lift before, having either bought the vehicle with the lift already installed or...
  2. 98 5.9 Soundbar for sale

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    FS 5.9 Soundbar. Shell and dark grey fabric are in great shape- In the pics they are a bit dusty, but with speakers installed they'd look perfect. It has wiring for all 4 speakers(2x mains, and 2x tweets). The main speakers have been removed, they were shot. Tweets are still installed and work...
  3. 231 swap clatrification

    New Member Introductions
    OK, I am sure this has been clarified somewhere but for what I have found a strait answer. So I have a 231 at our junk yard on a 93 Jeep Grand cherokee 4.0. I want to put it in my 98 GC 5.9 v8. From what I have looked at online it should be the right spline and length. Is this correct will it...
  4. Jeep 5.9 ZJ Hood Vents Louvers

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    Just posted my hood vents to eBay if anyone's interested. Great shape including all drip trays and bolts. I have two Jeep Hood Louvers from a 5.9 ZJ. Includes vents drip trays and all bolts. No damage just needs some paint. These are as rare as a jeep part comes nowadays. Took me months and...
  5. 1998 5.9 Limited Deep Slate stock 2 owner

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    I am the second owner of this stock 1998 Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited. It is the Deep Slate and has the step bars. No signs of ever being wheeled. It has 184,xxx miles on it and runs and drives good. It is my daily driver. The engine is strong and the transmission shifts great. No problems...
  6. 5.9 Hood & Grille Color Desn't Matter

    Grand Cherokee - Wanted
    Hey all, Looking for a hood and a grille from a 5.9 ZJ. Doesn't matter what color they are because i'll have the body shop paint them; Although a black grille and a white hood would save me that experience :D