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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey there fellow Jeepers! Danny, with my Battle Born ZJ, here....long time listener, first time caller! I don't know if any of you other ZJ lovers have had this issue, I've searched everywhere for any help but to no avail. First, I'll give you a lil background on my Stephen King reincarnation of...
  2. Drivetrain Tech Center
    Ok, so I did a full rebuild of my 5.2 Magnum about 5 weeks ago. All the internal parts were replaced all the way down to the Freeze Plugs and Bearings. I bored it .030 over & installed a comp cam 20-602-9 for some sound & performance as well as crane 1.6 rockers, new mopar lifters, 2.5" true...
  3. Performance Garage and Street Tech
    Hey guys, I'm proud to announce that I got my ZJ back today from my exhaust shop, and they were able to accomplish my dual exhaust idea! :D I ran 2.5" stainless steel pipes from the back of the headers over the crossmember to a Magnaflow True X-Crossover (#10791), into a Magnaflow 2.5" Dual...
1-3 of 7 Results