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5.2 zj

  1. Why so hot on the freeway?!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey there fellow Jeepers! Danny, with my Battle Born ZJ, here....long time listener, first time caller! I don't know if any of you other ZJ lovers have had this issue, I've searched everywhere for any help but to no avail. First, I'll give you a lil background on my Stephen King reincarnation of...
  2. 44RE Trans going bad???

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    Ok, so I did a full rebuild of my 5.2 Magnum about 5 weeks ago. All the internal parts were replaced all the way down to the Freeze Plugs and Bearings. I bored it .030 over & installed a comp cam 20-602-9 for some sound & performance as well as crane 1.6 rockers, new mopar lifters, 2.5" true...
  3. True Dual Exhaust for ZJ IS POSSIBLE!!!!

    Performance Garage and Street Tech
    Hey guys, I'm proud to announce that I got my ZJ back today from my exhaust shop, and they were able to accomplish my dual exhaust idea! :D I ran 2.5" stainless steel pipes from the back of the headers over the crossmember to a Magnaflow True X-Crossover (#10791), into a Magnaflow 2.5" Dual...