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  1. base 4.7, trans and 242HD: want to buy

    Grand Cherokee - Wanted
    I inherited a 2002 wj limited from family. I was excited about doing the quadradrive to 242HD swap right away, but the thing smokes blue like crazy.. taking the head off and regasketing everything will be a ton of labor. looking into other solutions at the moment, but reconditioned examples of...
  2. 99 White Grand Cherokee Limited - Wont Start

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    Picked up this white 99 WJ Limited V8 4.7 the other day. When I got it, it was totally dead, changed the battery connectors and now full power. When it goes to start, one "click" and nothing so my guess would be starter or a relay. 145K on the odometer. Good truck for someone looking for a...
  3. Money to spend, new to jeeps

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all. I'm military with just about no bills and plenty of money to spend on a new toy. I just bought an 03 JGC limited v8. It's bone stock. 107k on it, cost me nine grand. My post has a dedicated off-road course free of charge about ten minutes from where I live. This jeep is a daily...
  4. 1999 Jeep Grand PART OUT

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    All parts must be picked up no shipping sorry. 4.7 bad timing chain 242 Select trac White limted Tan Leather Let me know if you need anything make offers on anything.