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  1. 4.0 acting up please help

    Performance Garage and Street Tech
    Hi all, I have a 97 grand Cherokee wth the 4.0. It's got 137xxx on it, just some background. It sputters a lot, like if you can say blup blup blup moderately fast, you know what it sounds like, it idles low (around 500 rpm) and it likes to stall from time to time, not always, just often, it's...
  2. 4.0 Liter Motor, Grey interior and Misc parts from a 2000 model

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    I have a complete grey interior, a 4.0 liter motor and auto trans and all glass from a 2000 model with 80,000 original miles before it was wrecked. Will sell all or part. $1500 for motor, trans and Rear end. $200 for interior (cloth Seats, headliner, carpet, door panels, console and other...
  3. 231 swap clatrification

    New Member Introductions
    OK, I am sure this has been clarified somewhere but for what I have found a strait answer. So I have a 231 at our junk yard on a 93 Jeep Grand cherokee 4.0. I want to put it in my 98 GC 5.9 v8. From what I have looked at online it should be the right spline and length. Is this correct will it...
  4. 97 Grand Cherokee 4.0 Ticking Noise

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    i have a 97 gc 4.0 with around 250k on the clock i've checked oil levels and they're where they should be the ticking noise is only noticeable before the car has a chance to warm up and when under hard acceleration I'd like to figure out if one of these three things is possible.1. Is it an...
  5. good muffler/exhaust system, not too loud

    Performance Garage and Street Tech
    looking for a cat back exhaust or just a muffler for my 01 WJ 4.0L. i don't want to spend a whole lot of money. maybe no more than $300 for a full exhaust and no more than $150 for just a muffler. it's my DD and i don't want it to be super loud, just a little louder than stock, a noticeable...
  6. 03 WJ with confusing & contradicting problems

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    I've been dealing with this on and off problem for 7 months now. This is a 2003 WJ 4.0l. I sometimes get a misfire code for cyl 3, after being cleared a month goes by and it shows up on cyl 1. Every morning when it first starts, it's rough like an old ford thats half dead. I give it a litle rev...
  7. 1994 ZJ - Parting Out

    Grand Cherokee - For Sale
    1994 ZJ - Parting Out - SOLD The Jeep has been SOLD whole. Thanks - Brent
  8. 97 4.0 Cylinder 1 misfire

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    I have a relatively new (to me) Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 4.0 engine. I'm getting a sporadic check engine light (although it's getting to be more common) and what seems to be a misfire while idling. I don't seem to have any misfire while above 1,100 RPM or so. If I remember right, the...
  9. I'm lost-is this a lifter noise?

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    I'm lost-is this a lifter noise? piston skirt? 2002 WJ, 4.0, 122,000 mi., last Sunday it went from having the usual amount of lifter noise to having a very loud tapping sound, all the time when the engine is running, with a metallice sound to it under acceleration around 2000RPM. I added a...