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  1. NP249->NP231 And NP242 Swap Information

    Write Ups/How-To
    I know it's long, but I'm fairly certain this is the most in depth write up with the most information out there, so bear with me. I ask that if anything is unclear or I have some bad information in this thread, please let me know kindly and I will be sure to edit it :thumbsup: Why Swap...
  2. 249 to 242. Need Help

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 5.2 motor and the 249 t-case. I have some questions and I hope you guys can help. I have read alot of forums about this subject just still concerned on some things. My t-case is shot right now, I'm running around in 2wd by removing the front drive shaft, I have...
  3. NV249 & 2xTruetrac

    Drivetrain Tech Center
    Hi, greetings from Italy. I own a 1997 ZG 4.0 Limited with the NV249 TCase; ZG is the european version of the ZJ. It is currently stock and it is my daily drive (mostly road, some light off-road, some snow). I would like to add some modifications. I'd start by adding two Truetrac differential...