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  1. Possible fix to Zumba hatch not opening

    South Atlantic - WV, NC, SC, GA, FL
    I had the hatch won't open problem because the guy I bought it from tore everything That had to do with opening it out. I didn't bother tho, because the window would open and that was good enough for me, however, the window stopped opening, so I put the latch back in and attached the lever Tha...
  2. WTB 95-97 Non Mod JGC Limited/Orvis 1-2Owner

    Grand Cherokee - Wanted
    Hey if anyone knows of a well cared for 95-97 Limited/Orvis please let me know. Lots of trash out there and I would like to find one that was in the right hands,right documented care. Looking for a non-mod solid driver for son going to the hills of WVU for school and need reliable ride for the...
  3. wanting to lift my 97 zj, whats the best cheap lift ?

    New Member Introductions
    Its at stock height with stock wheels and tires. looking for a good 2-4 inch lift kit if i can find one online or on here. let me know if theres any good deals out there. Ive never bought a lift before so im not sure what brand or parts would be good, just makin sure i know a little before i buy...