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  1. WTB 95-97 Non Mod JGC Limited/Orvis 1-2Owner

    Grand Cherokee - Wanted
    Hey if anyone knows of a well cared for 95-97 Limited/Orvis please let me know. Lots of trash out there and I would like to find one that was in the right hands,right documented care. Looking for a non-mod solid driver for son going to the hills of WVU for school and need reliable ride for the...
  2. 1996 4.0 Grand Fuel Pump

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lounge-ZJ/WJ
    Is it possible to put a remote fuel pump on my grand so I do not have to drop the tank? I think the pressure reg. is going out. key on it is at 34 psi jeep running on idle it is around 52 PSI. Any ideas would be good. My service manual says the reg. is built into the fuel pump.