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Torque Specifications*

Item Torque Socket
Brake Caliper 7-15 ft-lbs  
Control Arm 130 ft-lbs 18 mm
Front Axel Shaft 175 ft-lbs 36 mm
Lug Nuts 85-100 ft-lbs 3/4 in
Spark plugs 30 ft-lbs  
Steering Box to Frame 65 ft-lbs  
Throttle Body 16 ft-lbs  
Valve Cover 95-in-lbs  
Water Pump 30 ft-lbs 9/16 in
Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly 75 ft-lbs 12 pt, 12mm


If you have other torque specifications please e-mail them to [email protected]


*Be sure to verify torque specifications for your particular vehicle

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