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Default Stalling, hard starting, and sputtering

I just recently bought a 97 zj with a 4.0l. The other owner said when it's extremely hot it some times stalls but it starts back up immediately. He wasn't sure what the cause was. When I bought it I bought a factory cps and installed it because I had a 00 xj with similar issues and that fixed the issue. I have read through a lot of post with similar problems and I grabbed all the ecm connectors and gave them all the wiggle test to see if any were loose and no problems. Then a few days later I had it start the problem again. I grabbed the wires on the grey connected(the one closest to the passenger fender) and it really acted up. The connector itself is tight but the wires that go into the harness that runs into the Underwood fuse box. I would start the jeep and grab those wires and get it to either stall or stumble really badly until I wiggled the wires into a different orientation. I looked online the for a wiring chart for that connector and found that the asd relay control wires are in there. Today I cut all the loom off that particular harness all the way to the relay box and inspected the wires and there is nothing wrong with any of them. I traced both wires for the asd relay and pulled the fuse box out opened it up and tested the back side of relay and throughout the wire for the same voltage and everything seemed to check out fine. I then re taped everything and reinstalled all the components that I removed and tried the same thing and now nothing is happening. Does anyone out there have a fix or any ideas as to what I'm looking for. Thank you all in advance. I also checked the grounds.
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Sounds like something you did tripped the auto-shutdown?
Try unplugging the battery and letting it sit for a bit?

Electrical gremlins are the worst...usually how things end up in the local classifieds.

Have you considered replacing the electrical connectors? Maybe something inside the connector is broken?
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I have a 98 4.0 with the exact same trouble. I talked to an old mechanic in town. He said the ignition switch goes bad on many ZJ's so I replaced it. Same problem. I tested fuel pressure it would go to about 52, and as soon as the pump would stop it would drop to 0. I was told relays. So I replace the FP relay, the ASD relay. No improvement. So I replaced one by one, the IAC valve, the TPS, spark plugs were at 55 so I regapped them. All to no avail. So I dropped the tank, replace the fuel pump, FPS and the tampon. It all comes as a unit. THe system holds pressure now but still hard to start when hot and stalls at any time. I am at a loss.
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I have a 97 4.0 that would start and run all day cold, but when you turned it off it would not start again. I went through the grounds on the engine and body. Sanded them and reconnected. Although they looked perfectly fine, doing this procedure fixed my issue. I'm thinking that the heat and cold, expanding and contracting, was causing intermittent electrical connection issues.
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