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Well Iím going to answer my own question here, I think.

The NTK site has the right part numbers, but not the right positions for those parts. There is an obvious error on the site you can see right away because they donít list four separate positions, they double up on some...but anyway

Figured it out by going to wjjeeps and getting the Chrysler part numbers for the upstream and down stream sensors and then cross referencing them here:

oxygensensor-crossreference. /convert/ntk/23506

Anyway, to help anyone out in the future

Sensor position, Chrysler P/N, NTK P/N

B1S1, 56041212AE, 23151
B2S1, 56041676AA, 23122
B1S2, 56041344AD, 23506
B2S2, 56041212AF, 23099

Because my post count is too low, I couldnít post a clickable link. Add www and com to the partial link for the cross reference site.

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