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Yo. I like Jeeps but don't know anything about them.

Oh wait. That's not true.
I bought the first v8 WJ laredo that Kirkland Chrysler sold, then got rid of it when I went back to school because I didn't want a payment.

Then I missed it so about 2 years ago I bought another one. Then earlier this year I bought a 3rd, but I never drove it so I just sold it. My 2nd one I got and it was bone stock. Since then, I've installed a 3" and then a 6.5" long arm IRO lift w/ Bilstein 5150 shocks, IRO premium rock sliders that my buddy brian added a 3rd tube to, IRO t-case skid, Mopar front skid, IRO sourced front drive shaft, Aussie Locker in the rear, WARN receiver shackle, Cobra CB, iPod integration into the Infinity Gold system, front tow hooks, Hella Supertones, Hella Rallye 4000 lights, mega monster tranny cooler, new radiator, new water pump, OEM H.O. air intake resonator with a K&N filter, high flow cat, Flowmaster 40-series, and I'm probably forgetting some stuff.

I've done ALL of the work myself, except Brian bending and welding up some tubes for my sliders.

Here's my ghetto crash bar (5x3" steel tube) with Rallye 4000 lights. You can see the Supertones in the grille too.

Here's the modified rock slider - I wanted more lateral protection, and these happen to stick out flush with the tires now.

Here's where I mounted my CB and brake controller.

And this is what it should have looked like when it left the factory. Oh, except I put the rear bumper back on.

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