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: Ham radio vs. TPMS - anyone else tried this?

03-22-2010, 10:26 PM
I just installed a 2-meter (VHF) two-way amateur radio into my '02 WJ, and the next time I started it up I got a message on the overhead console: "Service Tire Monitoring System"

I'm assuming based on the timing that the TPMS is disagreeing with the output from my radio. I know the TPMS is radio-based, but does anyone know what frequency the system works on?

Also, any thoughts on whether I'm doing any actual damage to the system, other than just scrambling its brains? I don't mind if I have to put up with an error message every time I start up the Jeep, but I want to make sure the system still works for some day when/if I want to sell it.

03-24-2010, 09:54 PM
should be ok as long as your radio is legal.... shouldnt put too much into the system. check your antenna mounting loaction as to make sure it's not close to your tpms antenna.

04-05-2010, 08:35 AM
Not sure of the Jeep TPMS system, but we use continental TPMS sensors on our race cars and they are in the 450mHz range....