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Which Muffler?

By Clay Cissell

I can't tell you how many times I have heard this question.  Which muffler should I get for my Grand?  This is one of those questions that can have many different answers.   I'm going to gear this article towards the Flowmaster series of mufflers since they are the most popular among wheeler and Grand Cherokee owners.  There are three different Flowmaster series with a total of five different mufflers to choose from for your Grand Cherokee.  I'd like to touch on the Delta Flow Technology to start with.

Flowmasterdeltaflowlogo.gif (6547 bytes)The Delta Flow was developed from Flowmaster's Delta Force racing muffler line.  This technology provides superior scavenging of the exhaust over the standard series.   With this you get increased horsepower, fuel economy and torque.  One of the more noticeable difference is the decreased interior resonance from this line of mufflers.   It is with state of the art equipment that Flowmaster has been able to design the highly tuned Delta Flow technology.  This technology is best suited for those who want the powerful Flowmaster sound on the outside but like to listen to their music on the inside. 

Flowmaster 40 muffler.gif (10699 bytes)First we will tell you about the "40" Series.  This is Flowmaster's most aggressive muffler for the street.  It generates the famous Flowmaster sound that demands respect. Your 6 cylinder will sound like a V8 that has been unleashed.  This muffler will make your V8 sound like the big block V8's of yester years.   This series is ideal for those who want to hear their exhaust system.  If you prefer a quieter interior, then the Delta Flow "40" is the muffler that will fit your style. Since the Grand's are so well insulated the Delta Flow "40" is worth considering.

Flowmaster_Series_40.jpg (31818 bytes)

As you can see from the above chart the 40 Series is substantially more aggressive then your original equipment muffler.


flowmaster 50 muffler.gif (10685 bytes)The second Flowmaster muffler we will tell you about is the "50" Series.  It too has the Delta Flow Technology version available. This muffler comes for both dual and single exhaust outlets.  The "50" series is a mellow, deep sounding muffler which is much quieter on the interior then the "40" series.  The performance of this series is very similar to the "40" Series and is available in a larger SUV-Performance case.

Flowmaster 50.gif (18228 bytes)

If you compare the Delta Flow version of the 40 series you will find that it is very close to the standard version of the 50 series in sound levels.


Flowmaster 70 muffler.gif (10028 bytes) Series "70" is the closest to stock sounding muffler in the Flowmaster line.  This series offers a mild mellow sound that will virtually not be detected on the interior of your Grand Cherokee.  It offers a resonate tuning chamber for reduced interior resonance.  It will provide superior flow for your exhaust system compared to the original equipment muffler and during wide open throttle you will hear a bit of that famous Flowmaster roar.  This is the ideal muffler for those who don't want to hear their exhaust but want increased flow.

Flowmaster_Series_70.jpg (27025 bytes)

As you can see the "70" series is only slightly louder then your original equipment muffler.


As you can see these mufflers have different characteristics for different applications.  If you want maximum performance and the sound of your exhaust won't bother your passengers then the "40" series is the way to go.   If you want the performance and need a quieter interior then add the Delta Flow Technology to the "40" series.  If you need a bit quieter muffler and still want good performance then the "50" series might be better for your application.   The "50" series Delta Flow Technology will make the ride inside even quieter.  Don't forget that the "50" series is also available in dual outlet for those who want to get creative.  If you need a near stock sound but want to feel the benefits of the improved performance that Flowmaster mufflers offer then the "70" series is your best choice.  With such a wide range of mufflers I'm sure you will find a Flowmaster that will fit your needs. 

Personally I am very pleased with the Delta Flow version of our "40" series muffler.  It provides a respectful sound that "The Grand Pooh-Bah" deserves with its 318 cubic inch power plant.  Compliments are something that you don't normally expect concerning your exhaust system.  With the Flowmaster it is common place to get positive remarks.  Our muffler has seen many trails and it has held up quite well.  I hope this article provides the information you need in choosing the right muffler for your Grand Cherokee.

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