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96-98 ZJ Grand Cherokee Stereo Radio Installation

Removal of the standard AM FM Cassette Radio to a AM FM CD/Cassette Stereo Radio Combo

By Clay Cissell

     After years of listening to just the radio and an occasional cassette tape I decided it was time to pursue a CD player.  After looking at all the aftermarket stereos and the kits that are required to install them I made up my mind that I wanted a factory AM/FM CD & Cassette player.  Considering all the horror stories I have heard from friends who have had their vehicle broken into just to steal the stereo.  The factory radio blends in and does not have the attraction to would-be thieves that an aftermarket system does.  With the CD & Cassette combo I have the best of both worlds and the price was actually cheaper than any comparable aftermarket units.  I found an outfit on EBay that sells brand new factory radios for much less than the dealer.  With a one year warranty, it has all the benefits of the dealer's radio without the high cost. 

The 93-95 models use a different radio then the 96-98.  The plug is different on the back.   Here is a photo of the plug connection that works for the 96-98 models.

This is the top of the line Chrysler Jeep CD Cassette unit.

Here are the specification and model that use this specific stereo.

3 band graphic equalizer
62 watts of total power at 3% THD
20 station presets
Joystick fade/balance control
Auto loudness
Music search
Dolby B noise reduction on tape
Auto metal tape equalization
Cassette auto reverse
8X disc oversampling
CD bi-directional seek
3" & 5" CD capability
16-bit D/A converter

Here is a partial listing of vehicles that it will work in. If your mounting tabs are the same and the plugs match, it should work in your vehicle:

1994-2002 Chrysler B Van
1985-2000 Dodge Caravan
1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee
1996-1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee
1996-2001 Jeep Wrangler
1987-2000 Dodge Dakota
1998-2000 Dodge Durango
1994-1997 Chrysler LHS
1994-2002 Dodge Ram
1995-2001 Chrysler Town & Country
1985-2001 Plymouth Voyager


  1. Remove the (5) phillips-head screws from the top section of the dash
2.  Remove the left side wood grain trim that is held with (3) clips.  It will pry off without the need of any tools. 

**Note if the clips come off and stay on the dash you can remove them with a pair of needle nose pliers and re-install them on the wood trim piece.

3.   Remove the (2) phillips-head screws.
4.   Pull the right side wood grain trim the same way as the left side.  It is held in place with (7) clips.
5.  Remove the (3) phillips-head screws.  This will complete the screw removal to take the gauge and radio trim off the dash.
6.   Push down on the upper part of the dash and gently pull it off the dash.  Be careful not to damage or scratch the dash cover.
7.  There are two bolts holding the radio in place.  Remove these bolts and pull the radio out.
8.  As you pull the radio out you will see the (2) plugs, (1) ground clip on ground wire and the antenna wire plugged into the back.  The ground and the antenna will simply pull off the radio.  The black and gray plugs in the back are held in place with a latch that needs to be depressed before the plugs will come out.
9.  After removing the old radio, just reverse the process and connect your new radio in the reverse order.  After installing the new radio, and it is bolted into place, turn the key on and check to make sure it is working properly prior to re-installing the trim.
10.   After installing the new stereo you are ready to enjoy the tunes.
Our radio source was:
Sipple Electronics Inc.
824 W.12th St.
Erie, PA 16501


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