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Automatic Transmission - Identification Procedures

NOTE : This bulletin supersedes Technical Service Bulletin 21-20-95 dated November 24, 1995, which should be removed from your files. The large box transmissions 46RH/RE and 47 RH/RE are deleted from this TSB. The vehicle application statement has been revised and is marked with **asterisks**


MODELS: 1992 - 1993 (AD) Ram Pickup/Cab Chassis
1992 - 1996 (AB) Ram Van/Wagon
1992 - 1996 (AN) Dakota
1994 - 1996 (BR) Ram Truck
1992 - 1996 (XJ) Cherokee
1992 - 1996 (YJ) Wrangler
1993 - 1996 (ZJ) Grand Cherokee


**NOTE : This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with all three and four speed automatic transmissions, 30RH, 32RH,36RH, 42RH/RE, 44RE.**



In an effort to reduce Automatic Transmission front pump whine, some internal changes were made in 1995 to the RWD Automatic Transmission. The following information is provided to help differentiate between all 1994/prior and 1995/1996 small and large box transmissions.

The inlet port on the transmission case was enlarged by locally increasing the casting thickness. Figure 1

Also on the case, the web between the inlet port chambers was removed. Figure 2

Both the steel plate opening and the transfer plate in let port were enlarged to follow the case changes. Figure 3

The front pump has an additional inlet port for the 95/96 model year. Figure 4

NOTE : These components are not interchangeable. Care should be used when ordering and installing replacement components. If the wrong parts are assembled together the transmission will induce air, even with the correct fluid level, into the valvebody and cause a sluggish, delayed engagement (similar to slipping). A harsh engagement following the initial launch in drive and reverse is also possible. To ensure that the correct components are installed, check the valvebody to case interface after installation and insure that the seam of the valvebody and case are identical.


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