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Default New member! 94 ZJ new to jeeps

Hey everyone! So after a long search for a second vehicle I came upon a sweet deal.

1994 Grand Cherokee 5.2 Limited that had already been under the knife a time or two.

The previous owner did a ton of stuff, it has a NV242 TC, adjustable arms, about 6 inches of lift on 35/12.50R15s P/O swapped in a dana 44 aluminum from a wj or newer zj.

After checking the Jeep over, obviously it had some pretty bad issues. The steering was all jacked up, track bar toasted, rear pinion pointing at T/C (with stock driveshaft) the D/S was about an inch too long. The motor ran good and it shifted well but the tires were shot and interior pretty shot as well. But for the price of $1800 I couldnt say no, considering it was able to limp to my shop.

So, I've had this thing a few months now and finally got the steering and suspension sorted out. Adjustable track bar, adjustable lower rear arms to set pinion angle, adjusted the front pinion angle, installed motor mounts a trans mount, all new steering componants and shortened rear driveshaft.

After a bit of poking around on the internet, i found the engine codes and, it may be that this ZJ has had the 5.9 swap. Only reason i say is when i looked up under the motor when doing motor mount its clean as hell and it has a 360 number stamped on the driversize of the block under the exhaust mani. I figured since they were so similar the casing numbers are just what they are and dont dictate the displacement but it looks as though this isnt the case and the cubic inch displacement is listed on the block. Ill snap a photo to be sure.

Currently working on a DIY front bumper, and just got a set of wheels tires for the big girl.

Also working out some vibration issues, at first it was obvoiusly the driveshaft pinion and being too long causing clunking over bumps and constant oscillating vibration. with the driveshafts properly angled and the mounts all replaceed the vibs are down quite a bit but still there around 55-65 mph. It could be fan clutch, harmonic ballancer or possible if it is a 5.9 the flex plate is from a 5.2? not sure, but regardless ill figure it out.

Anyhow, just wanted to say hey and give a shout to the NAGCA for having an awesome site and tons of information!

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Nice rig. I've had mine for 8yrs. Put lockers in it and a stage 2 shift kit and you will love it even more. Welcome

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Welcome aboard Rex
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